i've been working hard af this week to push out this wonderful update, AND IT WAS WORTH IT.

i updated level 2 map cuz i realized it didnt look that good and people said it was too hard and annoying so i fixed it, i also did a bunch of other stuff to improve the game so here are the patch notes

  • Reworked level2map for better gaming experience 
  • firefly particles will now be yellow instead of blue for better readability in the cave
  • level3map extended because people loved it so why not make it longer?
  • completely reworked mana orbs visuals now will better lead you through the level
  • more stable camera for better gaming experience
  • tiny bit of visual and gameplay improvments on level1map
  • save system now implemented so you can always finish the game later, than just in one sitting and reset game data added in main menu to replay the game
  • now level3map has stakes so if you fall into the water you will need to start over
  • mana orbs now give movement speed for better gameplay

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