New Update for bio v0.02 + Behind the scenes

awesome new features have been added and also ill share some screenshots of the development with you but for now,

here are the patch notes

  • glass destruction added (glass now shatters)
  • npc model added (animations for npc coming soon)
  • ai model has been created but they are not funcioning so they are not on the level
  • map extended
  • day and night system added
  • health bar and stamina bar added
  • quest med box requirment changed from 10 to 20

now it is time for some up close screenshots of the models for the game ive created this week


so the girl was a character that was caring and inocent but also pretty i made her very colorful with her bright blue hair and flaming eyes and those big flaming eyes make her look super cute and some nice tiny jacket for the fashion since she will be one of the playable charcaters later in the game i want her to look similar to the boy character, and of course she has that sign for hope on the back


now for the boy i wanted him to look very young pretty much keep him a child but also i wanted him to look like a punk so i went with some cool kid from the 90's look since thats how cool kids look like right? big jacket a backwards cap and some jeans, and he as well has the jacket


now one of my favorite designs the medic, so because this is a cyberpunk world where this is far into the future i wanted him to look advanced simplistic and modern he is so covered up that not a single piece of skin is showing wich is perfect because he does not look human wich makes him scary its the same stategy swat uniforms use and oh my i had so much fun texturing him and sewing this outfit in marvelous designer. he also has a night and day version depending on the time in game the suit switches off and on and wow im just in love with this mask design

thats all for now, keep updated with the progress live on my DISCORD, follow the development on my TWITTER

i will be updating the game 1th of every month but i recomend you follow me on itchio to get first hand notifications


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Mar 21, 2020

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