this update has took me a very long time i know but i just don;t want to burn out on this game since I'm doing everything by myself <3 i think i made decent progress today and figured out some mechanics etc, so i think next update i can work on it more :3 i cannot yet tell you when the next update will be but it will be in around 2 months that's for sure

oh also i would like to get some help from freelancers so I'm launching a Patreon to reduce my freelance work and so i can focus more on hiring people and working on my game

i hope you will enjoy this version and if you have any suggestions please send them my way thank you <3

here's the patch list

  • added logo animation when opening game
  • customization, you can now customize your seal
  • main menu splash now will focus on your seal whenever you are
  • you can now boost in water with both triggers on gamepad
  • fixed tutorial page - tho might be inaccurate and not updated
  • fixed seal sleeping animation bugs
  • fixed sleep time
  • fixed not being able to move after sleeping
  • added auto save at every 3 minutes
  • fixed death menu
  • cannot talk to others while sleeping now
  • replaced warning text with glowing red animation on the vitals - since it caused mouse overlapping issues
  • balanced xp fish give you less xp while socializing gives you more
  • unlocking ability does not bug out the mouse anymore
  • resume menu does not bug out mouse anymore
  • added collision to clams
  • you can now refill oxygen at the surface
  • level up screen has been added
  • boosting transition and better controller support has been added
  • collected clams perma delete
  • added baby seal sounds
  • implemented healing from hunting fish and healing over time
  • main menu now has more polish
  • seal pup will now be saved in the save file
  • added back to main menu button in pause menu
  • added able to interact pop up when you are near something you can interact with
  • figured out the seal pup mechanics
  • game starts with full stats now
  • ai can now swim in the water
  • when seal pup is in water he gains swimming points
  • air regen is now faster
  • added swimming sounds
  • designed awesome icons for the seal pup menu

    have fun playing!!

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